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Jestex BD is one of the leading trendy apparel buying house located in Bangladesh assisting foreign buyers. We provide services to the foreign buyers concerned with identifying the products in the Bangladeshi market, negotiating prices and proper sourcing of products. We assure the highest degree of professionalism and provide wide variety of services to the foreign buyers. Our presence in the international market keeps us well-informed of customer tastes and changing market scenarios.

A critical pillar in supporting any organization is the team which forms its core. The company has always believed in nurturing and retaining top talent. Our employees are encouraged to participate actively in decision making which in turn ensures continuous learning. Today, we are proud to be backed by a team of proficient individuals who have the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to perform effectively and efficiently.

Driven by the vision to excel, Jestex BD has scaled great heights in the field of entrepreneurship. Committed to advancement, we continue to reinvent ourselves by meeting fresh challenges with innovative solutions. Standing firm on the foundation of goodwill and trust, we are now surging ahead by venturing into new avenues.



Jestex BD is a garment-buying house that provides fashionable apparels as per buyer’s requirement. We handle small to large quantity of orders with quality assurance. We also conduct final inspection on behalf of the buyer.

Supplier Credibility

To ensure quality, quantity, desired weight, construction and colour, we evaluate the capacity and capability of every garment factory. We also check environmental control, safety laws, labour practices and adherence to labour laws.

We make sure that our supplier can meet our requirements when it comes to reaching the average number of pieces produced as per buyer’s requirement at a given period of time to meet schedule.


Upon placement of orders, we check and control the quality of all garment inputs such as yarn, fabric, accessories, labelling and coordinates timing of their procurement and its timely delivery.

We allow buyers to choose and decide what kind of accessories and labels to use as far as style, colour and design.


We develop and provide samples as per buyer’s design, fabric quality, weight, shrinkage, colour fastness and specifications to obtain buyers approval before heading to production through our professional Directors, Merchandisers and Quality Controllers who always keep a closely check from sampling to Production until shipment.

Quality Control

Our Quality Controllers visit the factory with regular intervals to make sure we meet our buyer’s requirements. Our quality control personnel are stationed at all manufacturing sites to ensure that all production will meet buyer’s requirement. We always want to deliver satisfaction to our customers; we monitor the order from sourcing of raw materials and accessories to production and up to the final shipment of goods. We also monitor and report the status of the order to the buyer with systematic follow up on each and every stage.


Only approved goods are packed and buyer is assured of getting quality merchandise. Care is also taken to see whether all packing instructions of the buyer are respected.

Shipment/Cargo Handling

All shipping documents are reviewed and verify as to buyer’s instruction. All cargo is handled by reputable logistics and supply chain management companies to obtain accurate and precise information regarding ETD and ETA of vessels because time delivery is as important for us as it is to the buyer.